Advising a Dutch developer on Private equity financing for a redevelopment in Prague.

Advising a Credit Union on financial products development.

Coaching retail investors how to manage their wealth longterm and invest for their future needs.

Refinancing a small site development project in Northern Bohemia



Executive Director at Ernst & Young Debt & Equity team Prague - Building a European private equity and family office distribution network. Connecting private capital investors with the financing needs of EY clients. The financing advisory is all bespoken and executed through taylor made solutions.


Advising a Prague based catering and restaurant owner in scaling his business.
Advising and seeding an E-shop for imported brand confection
Advising a food import, distribution and wholesale company in Czech Rep.
Syndicating debt finance for a mid size real estate project in Olomouc
Advisory work on debt restructuring in Czech Rep. for a Swedish client
Financing and advisory for a mid size real estate project in Plzen. Czech Rep.

Advisory, consolidation and de-merger of a foreign retail chain in Czech Rep.
Advisory and refinancing of a mid size developer-credit-facility in Olomouc Czech Rep.
Financing stock of second hand cars for a car dealer
Advisory work for a Spanish company in Czech
Advisory: Connecting a Czech copper cathode broker to Chilean copper producers.

Advisory and refinancing a mid size developer credit facility in Prague
Advisory and financing a lead lamp designer studio.
Advisory work for a Spanish HR company in Czech.
Acquisition of a specific asset in a broker company brake-up situation.

Advisory to a regional bank in bad debt & client credit facility management.
Financing: Seeding a start up company in the financial service sector.
Financing a smaller agriculture farm buyout.
Advising a foreign investment manager on private equity investment in a Czech textile company.

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